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find us at a local cafe or grab a cup or a compostable bag of chai for home!

What are you getting when you buy our chai?

Certified Ingredients

all of our ingredients are analyzed and certified. this is crucial for preventing heavy metals and other toxins from slipping under the radar.

GMP Manufacturing

Evergreen chai blends are mixed and packaged in a GMP Certified manufacturing facility by the Safe Food Alliance.

Seed Oil FREE

  • no inflammatory seed oils
  • no mono or di glycerides (often made from seed oil)
  • instant chai latte made with 100% real organic cream

Artificial Sweetener Free

the jury is still out on whether artificial sweeteners are actually good for our health long term. for this reason, we choose to use real cane sugar that is unbleached and organic. we urge our customers to enjoy our tea latte products in moderation as a occasional sweet treat.

Compostable Packaging

If you've known about us for a long enough, you already know that we started out at a liquid concentrate company. A few years back, we took a huge leap away from plastic bottles! We are proud and excited that all of our chai packaging is biodegradable.

our ingredients make a difference

the sugar cane that we purchase is made on a farm that is also 49,000 acres of animal home and 23 times more diverse than a conventional sugar farm.

It is Carbon Neutral.

It is 20% more productive than a conventional sugar farm.

It is the first regenerative organic certified sugar cane farm.

It uses Mechanical harvesting eliminating 47,000 tons of Co2 from hitting our atmosphere.

It avoids 13,900 tons of agrochemicals annually.