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Evergreen Chai

Wholesale Instant Chai Latte 8-Ct Box

Wholesale Instant Chai Latte 8-Ct Box

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MSRP: $2.70/pouch or $21.60/8-Ct.

Just Add Hot Water!!!

This organic instant chai latte will be a near-perfect (although silent) companion on all your adventures/misadventures. It’s low maintenance, fully-spiced, and sweet. 

Let Evergreen Chai tag along on your excursions, keep you company at work, or liven up your tea collection. 

Always ready to take on the world or just cozy up at home - it’s a delight no matter where you are!

Cane sugar*, Cream powder (milk)*, Black tea*, Cinnamon Powder*, Spice Extracts*
Contains Caffeine
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